Life in the UK Test (例題)

London Evening Standard の “Could you pass the government’s new citizenship test?”(1月28日)という記事に Life in the UK test の例題が出てるのが目にとまりました。

1. Which landmark is a prehistoric monument which still stands in the English county of Wiltshire?
A) Stonehenge
B) Hadrian’s Wall
C) Offa’s Dyke
D) Fountains Abbey

2. What is the name of the admiral who died in a sea battle in 1805 and has a monument in Trafalgar Square, London?
A) Cook
B) Drake
C) Nelson
D) Raleigh

3. In 1801, a new version of the official flag of the United Kingdom was created. What is it often called?
A) The British Standard
B) The Royal Banner
C) The St George Cross
D) The Union Jack

4. Who is the Patron Saint of Scotland?
A) St Andrew
B) St David
C) St George
D) St Patrick

5. What flower is traditionally worn by people on Remembrance Day?
A) Poppy
B) Lily
C) Daffodil
D) Iris

6. Which of these sporting events was hosted in London in 2012?
A) The Commonwealth Games
B) Cricket World Cup
C) European Football Championship
D) Paralympic Games

7. At her Jubilee in 2012, how many years as Queen did Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II celebrate?
A) 25
B) 40
C) 50
D) 60

8. The second largest party in the House of Commons is usually known by what name?
A) The Senate
B) The Opposition
C) The Lords
D) The Other Side

9. From what age can you be asked to serve on a jury?
A) 16
B) 18
C) 21
D) 25

10. What is the title given to the person who chairs the debates in the House of Commons?
A) The Speaker
B) The Chairman
C) The Leader of the House
D) The Prime Minister




Life in the UK Test official textbook標準的なイギリス人でも答えられないような問題なんていくつもあったし。



“New” Citizenship Test と書いてあるし、近々このテストが新しいものになるらしいとは聞いてるけど。でも普通テストが変わるときって、難しくなりこそすれ、簡単になることは滅多にないと思うんだよね

勉強は必ず 公式の教材 で!

1)A, 2)C, 3)D, 4)A, 5)A, 6)D, 7)D, 8)B, 9)B, 10)A